My Favorite First Day Picture

My favorite first day of school picture yet.

We have jumped ALL IN to “homeschooling.”  We actually took the dive last year when things went virtual and we realized it wasn’t the right fit for our family. Ironically, on the last day of summer 2019, I remember taking a pic of the kids all snuggling on the couch during that slow morning.

Our Children's Best Picture

It made me sad to snap this moment in time and know that our morning hustle was about to begin the next day — packing lunches, cramming breakfast in, getting morning reading in, etc. Our kids have always woken up pretty early and yet there never seemed to be enough time in the morning and as many know, the morning hustle off to school is just not the best way to start the day. I remember taking this pic and thinking to myself, “this is the LAST, LAST day like this for us.” I knew we needed to try something different and I was willing to do the work to make it possible for our family. Fortunately, I was able to slowly adapt my schedule over the past year, having no idea that we would all be in this boat this Fall.

So this year, I will take this silver lining, I will take back this sacred time with our kids and make this our family’s FIRST, FIRST day of our new year. Our FIRST official day of Adventure School. We are committed to one full year and will reassess at the end.

This year’s first-day-of-school-picture looks so very different from years past. For now, this feels like one of our very best FIRSTS.

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