How cute are these little moon magnets from


We want our kids to have a major connection to the outdoors and so we weave a lot of nature-based themes into our days. I love focusing on themes and concepts that everyone can learn from and that I can adapt to each of their levels. 

Here’s what I mean: 

  • Kaia will play “match up” with the magnets and the September calendar.  
  • Wyatt will help place the magnets where they need to go on our family whiteboard calendar while I secretly weave in some counting by twos.
  • Levi will feed his fascination with the moon and astronomy by looking at the moon through the telescope, researching fun facts about the moon and then writing an essay as if he is teaching someone about the moon.  
  • Extra bonus, I am working on tracking the moon cycle and pairing it with my pull for creative energy ,as well as using it as a guide to listen and tune in to those times when my body tells me to slow down.  

Moon Magnets

I recently read a book—okay part of a book—by Kate Northrup called “Do Less.” In one chapter, she talks about the power of women tuning into not only our menstrual cycles, but also the moon cycles as a way to honor what our bodies are needing at certain times.  

For instance, feeling totally crashed and wanting to do nothing may track with your hormonal fluctuations.  For some people, knowing that you’re in that phase of your cycle, helps you honor it as much as possible; you can go with it and know that you’ll be back to your energetic self soon enough.  For me, I tend to be an over-doer and when the creative spark hits I tend to not get much sleep.  I wake super early in the morning to get my computer time in before the day with the kids begins.  In Kate’s book she talks about this behavior often being paired with the full moon phase and, as a do-er herself, she learned to go ahead and tap into this energy knowing that as the moon cycle changed, her body would naturally pull her and encourage her to rest and recover.  

In our new lives, with my new schedule and new juggle, starting to notice these patterns around the moon cycle for myself will help me be sure I am staying healthy and balanced. 

It’s fun when we are all learning and exploring together.  There is a gift and wisdom in each lesson for each of us and our daily lessons feel less like work and more like an adventure in which we can each choose our own path.