Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire. W.B.Yeats

Jason and I are planners and goal setters.  

In 2016, we set a five-year goal of pulling our kids from traditional school and homeschooling them.  We have spent the past four years navigating just how we would make this possible, researching what resources we would use and what curricula would work best for our family.  Well, coronavirus happened and we decided to jump in one year early.  

We learned quickly that “homeschool” would not be the appropriate name for what we were planning to do—we don’t expect to spend much time at home and instead plan to make each day an adventure where our children can learn about the world by having memorable experiences in it.  

             ⚓️ We hope that by sharing our adventures, we inspire others to look at learning differently.  

             ⚓️ We hope to encourage other parents to provide the space for their kids to play and to follow their children’s lead, allowing them to foster their natural love of learning. 

             ⚓️ We hope that in sharing the skill development that we see when our children play (problem-solving, neurological development, teamwork, math, science, etc.), we will help others create more freedom for their kids to do the same.  Worksheets and online resources are important, but they aren’t the only tool, and likely are not the best tool for fostering young minds. 

 The world is our school, nature is our classroom.  We are not anchored down by someone else’s schedule and have the freedom to create our own adventure. 

Anchors Away! ⚓️